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On-Demand Bank Fee Management

Compare and consolidate fees across banks and payment service providers without any complicated IT development or configuration.  


Make more informed decisions

Whether your treasury function is run as a cost-center, or a profit-center, at some point in the evolution of the business, it becomes important to get a handle on the banking and financial services charges and fees that represent a significant portion of these costs. 


Billing Analytics simplifies and reconciles the disparate data sets provided by banking partners, making it possible to visualize data trends that were previously obscured.  


Billing Analytics

Gain clarity and transparency

Monetize360's no-code Billing Analytics offering allows for plug-and-play performance from day one, immediately identifying overages and potential issues.  Stakeholders can analyze, rationalize, and optimize banking fees, interest income and bank account inventory across the country, and the globe.

Unlike other solutions, Billing Analytics ingests bank statements in any format, including PDF, EDI, CAMT and Excel.  

Understand your TRUE COST of operations

Price Agreement management

Maintain all agreements and the details of agreed prices by service and time periods.  

Account Inventory

Single view into all bank accounts across banking partners, auto discovered from bank fee statements.  Includes the ability to annotate and tag for easy reporting.  

Price Variance


Automatically calculate variances between the price in billing statements and the price in agreements and flag them.

Advanced Analytics

& Reporting

Generate savings analysis between two different time periods, factoring for volumes and unit pricing. 

Fee and Volume


Forecasting of fees and volume by service, bank, across all banks using AI and Machine Learning.  

MTZ360 Advisory Service

Periodic calls-to-action and recommendations.

Ready for a more intelligent monetization solution? 

Connect with a Monetize360 expert today! 

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