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Simplify your
Billing Process

Remember when billing was one of the easiest parts of your business to manage?  Yeah, neither do we.  Billing has always been one of the most error prone processes that a company has to manage and one of the most likely to impact customer satisfaction and, as a result, the bottom line.  Get it right and you have happy customers and a revenue stream primed for growth.  Get it wrong and you have, well, chaos.   


The advent of complex usage-based pricing has only increased the potential for chaos, forcing finance teams to use costly development and consulting resources to band-aid existing systems, just to keep existing revenue streams intact.   


Monetize360 Billing Studio serves as a single source of truth for all your billing needs, allowing you to manage everything from simple invoice presentation and generation to more complex marketplace payouts in a flexible, easy to use platform

Billing Center

Seamlessly process invoices and get paid

Billing Center’s rule-based invoicing system lets you take control by allowing you to define process flows that meet your business requirements, and to determine how and when you want to generate an invoice.  Our billing solution extracts and consolidates disparate billing data such as client hierarchy, product volume, and pricing and scales to hundreds of millions of invoices.  The Monetization Cloud Intelligence Hub pulls billing data from existing systems and consolidates as needed.    


Payout Center

Marketplace & network payments made easy

In the complex world of cloud-based Healthcare and Financial Services apps and for marketplace environments, multi-payer invoice generation is a real challenge.  It can be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately reconcile payments across multiple payees or partners with existing legacy billing applications.  This is amplified in blockchain and other Web3 environments.  


Monetize360 offers the only solution designed to support marketplace billing environments.  With Payout Center you can reconcile payments and bills across hundreds of payees or partners, including ones that are blockchain enabled.  We additionally support tax calculation at the transaction level, ensuring the appropriate tax is applied every time.     

A Single Source of Truth for all your Billing needs


The only solution purpose-built to support network-billing and marketplace environments 


Tax is calculated at the transaction level, eliminating the need for manual calculation and potential for error. 


Custom recurring billing capability supporting billing for any period, even daily or real time.  


Reconcile payments and bills across multiple (up to hundreds or thousands) payees or partners 


Seamless execution for complex multi-metric, multi-dimension billing requirements 


Scalable to hundreds of millions of invoices – as your business grows, Billing Center will be able to support it.   

Ready for a more intelligent monetization solution? 

Connect with a Monetize360 expert today! 

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