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The Monetize360 Story

It all began nearly 20 years ago.  


Since starting his career in the late 90s at organizations such as LoudCloud and LeapQ, our founder and CTO Murali Saravu has been after a better, more efficient, more automated way to deliver bottom-line improvements via next-gen billing systems. Early on he believed that the accuracy and precision of usage-or consumption- based models could not be overvalued. At the same time, he knew that platforms requiring vast customization couldn’t scale. These observations proved to be prescient.  


Over the years, Murali quickly became a sought-after technical resource by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Cisco, Intuit, NCR, and others. He designed and delivered a custom-built global billing platform for Intuit with nearly a dozen integrations and 1M monthly invoices, which is still in use today. Following that, he was recruited by Cisco to help the organization make the transition from on-prem to subscription, where he was responsible for designing a master application that could orchestrate data from 12 disparate platforms with 20M usage-transactions per day and 10B RUM.   He additionally holds three patents in adaptive comment categorization technology. 


There was always a common denominator. The amount of billing platform customization required was enormous - taking months to years. Providing a full suite of features and functionality out of the box proved to be stubbornly difficult, because in order to solve a monetization problem, you historically had to stitch something together from multiple providers. Changing it was nearly impossible because of the time and money sunk into getting various systems to talk to each other.   


In 2021, Murali decided the time was right, and he saw an opportunity to step in with a fresh approach. Jayaram Bhat joined the company as president & CEO and the company raised a seed round of venture funding to productize Murali’s vision and bring it to market. As Murali  would tell you, monetization is not a singular issue but needs to be viewed from a 360 degree point of view.  To that end, the newly-funded company set out to develop a singular, no-code system that integrated all the necessary components into a single source of truth.  In order to get there, Murali and his team created their own language to address the complexities inherent in billing, pricing and monetization platforms, without expensive or time-consuming customization. 


Monetize360 is the outcome of that different approach - delivering no-code, out of the box full functionality for any size business.  Today, the company’s areas of competitive advantage are two-fold:  


The first is the Intelligence Hub which enables companies to model their services and monetizable dimensions and ingest and charge any type of usage data. Monetize360 can effectively provide businesses with workflows that offer complex pricing based on a customer’s usage - without development time or expense. 


The second is that Monetize360 can enable customers to go to market very quickly, because our no-code platform is usable “out of the box”. You don’t need special training or development experience to use the platform, it is really as simple as “drag and drop.”  


We couldn’t be more excited to help brands large and small ensure that dynamic pricing is no longer a prohibitive expense, but instead a competitive advantage.  If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, please contact us - we’d love to hear from you! 

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