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Quickly Monetize your services in even the most complex scenarios

As usage and consumption-based pricing and billing has become more common, so too have the complexities of implementing and managing these multi-metric, multi-dimension models

Modern systems generate massive volumes of data, much of which isn’t intended to be used for billing, but could be.  However, legacy pricing and billing systems simply weren’t designed to handle consumption data for billing without a significant amount of custom development and impact to your bottom line.  This leaves potential new revenue streams untapped and your company ill-prepared to meet evolving customer expectations.    

Monetize360’s no-code Intelligence Hub simplifies your billing process

The Intelligence Hub eliminates these complexities and allows anything that can be measured to be used to create a billable item, streamlining and automating even the most complex pricing and billing scenarios, without the need for development time or expense.  It’s really as simple as “drag and drop”.   

Big Data-Based Usage Platform

The Intelligence Hub is powered by a dynamic, rules-driven mediation and rating engine that transforms data intended to be used for other purposes into usage or consumption data that can be billed for.  Our first of its kind, end-to-end monetization solution, ingests structured and unstructured (multi-metric and multi-dimension) data from a variety of sources and then, using machine learning, identifies, transforms, cleanses and extracts data for billing purposes (mediation) and determines how much those actions are worth (rating).   


Automate routine financial processes and quickly monetize your products and services, via a simple drag-and-drop interface. 

Quickly and easily transition to usage-based pricing with our intuitive workflows and without the need for development resources or expense.   

Seamlessly integrate your production systems with your billing platform with just a few simple clicks.   

Quickly deliver pricing changes to market – in hours or days versus weeks or months.

Deploys stand-alone or easily integrates with legacy systems

The MTZ360 Monetization Cloud can be deployed as an end-to-end solution, or layered on top of existing billing platforms & other enterprise systems to rapidly implement innovative pricing strategies.   

Legacy Billing System Integrations

Monetization Cloud includes integrations with mobile apps, tax and payment gateways, ERP and CRM systems and can be configured to your requirements, installed, tested and deployed in just few weeks instead of months or years. 

Enterprise Application Integrations


Monetization Cloud’s APIs enable quick integration with other front-office and back-office applications such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP Financial systems, Vertex, Paymentech, Stripe and more.   

Data Foundations & Key Platform Capabilities 


Data Ingestion & Pipeline

Ingest data from any source and any format. API, DB, File, Kafka

Validate, Enrich, Transform, Pivot, Merge data from different sources


Mediation, Rating & Rules

No-code rules engine allows you to create monetization rules (IF-Then-Else) that ensure various monetization processes are executed accurately 


 High volume charge calculation and rating engine allows calculation of charges based on pricing rules and customer’s contracts 


Action & Notification Frameworks

 Trigger target actions like sending data to external systems or trigger other business actions. 

Data-driven rules for notifications for internal monetization operations team and/or external end customers, such as renewal notifications, usage data consumption thresholds and more


Frameworks support  API, DB, File, Kafka based actions  


Usage Analytics & Metrics

Data driven rules compute usage consumption metrics, KPI’s and drill down reporting data required by operations and executive teams

Ready for a more intelligent monetization solution? 

Connect with a Monetize360 expert today! 

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