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Agile Monetization: The Definitive Guide

More than ever, B2B buyer behavior is changing. And not just in certain sectors - we see it across the industry spectrum, including SaaS, Fintech and Healthtech just to name a few. Market pressures are forcing nearly every company to find new ways to reduce costs and optimize performance, and one of the key areas we see under scrutiny is tech investments.

Buyers continue to assess their software investments based on factors such as value, customer impact and product innovation. But they’re increasingly measuring these factors based on hard data and metrics, including time-to-value and demonstrated ROI. Gone are the days of continued brand loyalty based on price or relationship alone – business results are the new table stakes. Software companies are rushing to speak this new language and agile monetization platforms are uniquely positioned to facilitate these conversations.

When companies invest in agile monetization platforms, they gain visibility into critically important data that enables them to better understand their customers and the market, and quickly pivot their go-to-market strategies to address their needs.

Today we’re publishing The Agile Monetization Playbook – a comprehensive guide to getting started and succeeding with an agile monetization strategy. In it you’ll learn:

1) How agile monetization can drive product adoption, why it is a “hidden weapon”, and what to look for in a platform.

2) How to present the benefits of/gain alignment for agile monetization in your organization and encourage cross-functional teams to work together for better outcomes.

3) How agile monetization can support the development of new products and services, a value which cannot be overlooked.

In the coming weeks we’ll be expanding on some of the key concepts in this guide and offering guidance on how you can continue to adapt and grow your business in the face of constantly changing market conditions.

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