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Your Billing System doesn't have to Dictate your pricing Strategy 

Product needs to model pricing scenarios that optimize revenue, Sales wants to close deals, and Finance wants to simplify billing, receivables and revenue modeling and recognition. 

With Pricing Studio's Service Designer and Deal Manager solutions, you can manage the whole process from a single platform and without the costly development or resource requirements of legacy pricing and billing systems.  

Service Designer

Make informed, intelligent pricing decisions that drive revenue. 

Our industry first usage-based price modeling and simulation engine unlocks the powerful mediated and rated data created by our intelligence HUB to model any pricing scenario, based upon multiple metrics and multiple dimensions, giving your sales team greater agility and your brand significant competitive advantage.    


Deal Manager

Deliver every deal with the right terms at the right time.

With drag and drop technology, sales and billing teams can model potential deal terms, define the best possible pricing scenarios and execute them immediately.  Create, price and quote complex price model deals based on catalogs, quantities and discounts created in Service Designer and then quickly and easily submit them through your approval processes.   

Never deal with complex spreadsheets or painful approval processes again. 

Model exception priced deals against standard price 

Quickly model and monetize your products and services – in even the most complex scenarios - with drag and drop simplicity.   

Develop fully loaded P&L views including interest income, FX revenues and expense derived from your own unit costs 

Deploy new products and update existing ones in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months 

Create custom online approval workflows 

Integrate and auto-upload approved price books to the billing platform, eliminating manual handshakes 

Ready for a more intelligent monetization solution?  Connect with a Monetize360 expert today!

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