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Ashok Dugaputi

SVP - Engineering

Ashok Dugaputi is Senior Vice President of Engineering at Monetize360, where he leads a comprehensive portfolio encompassing Engineering, DevOps, and InfoSec functions. 

With a distinguished career spanning two decades, Ashok's SaaS journey began as a founding member of Host Analytics (now Planful, Inc) in 2001. Drawing upon his expertise in data management, Ashok orchestrated the conception, design, and deployment of a robust Business Intelligence platform tailored to enable FP&A automation across a diverse range of company scales. This achievement played a pivotal role in guiding global enterprises away from traditional spreadsheet-centric solutions toward the realm of streamlined and automated FP&A processes. 

 In 2013, Ashok embarked on a new journey by joining the visionary founders & CEO of Gainsight, Inc, dedicated to constructing a native platform for Customer Success, initially referred to as Matrix Data Architecture. As the head of Platform R&D, he orchestrated the formation of a top-tier engineering team in Hyderabad, India, and successfully delivered the initial iteration of Gainsight's no-code, highly configurable, and scalable customer success platform. Relocating to St. Louis, USA in 2016, Ashok established a lean and proficient R&D unit focused on delivering applications on the Gainsight Platform. This endeavor encompassed the creation of Gainsight Analyzer, a data observability product that elevated data quality and reliability. His influence extended to the enhancement of customer onboarding experiences through the implementation of 1-click deployment solutions and the Solutions Marketplace, a comprehensive hub for various Gainsight integrations. 


In 2020, Ashok embraced a new role as Chief Technology Officer at TopOpps, Inc. During his tenure, he cultivated and empowered product and engineering teams, catalyzing accelerated product adoption.  Following Vista/Xactly Corp's acquisition of TopOPPS in 2021, he assumed leadership of Xactly Forecasting Engineering, spearheading research and development endeavors to deliver a cutting-edge Sales Forecasting solution characterized by its configurability and rich user experience. 


Ashok Dugaputi
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