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Kevan Albrighton

Head of Financial Institutions

Kevan Albrighton leads the Financial Industry practice at Monetize360. With more than

40 years of financial industry experience, Kevan has a successful track record leading

international banking programs, both in EMEA and APAC.His experience in global/

cross region projects and technology implementations, including (two) regional billing

system implementations, has proved invaluable as Monetize360 delivers custom-built

solutions to international banking institutions.

Previously, Kevan worked at JP Morgan Chase (JPMC) in Transaction Banking. While

there, he had direct line responsibility for Pricing, Billing and Revenue Management.

After leaving JPMC Kevan established his own practice in Hong Kong focusing on

Network Management and Payments strategy, during which time he held a long-term

consulting contract with JPMC’s Investor Services Division, in addition to others.

Kevan enjoys hiking in Hong Kong, and exploring Greater China, Korea and Japan for

travel. He also enjoys urban photography.

Kevan continues to be based in Hong Kong.

Kevan Albrighton
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