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Murali Saravu

Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Monetize360 was inspired by Murali’s 20+ years spent architecting robust billing platforms at enterprise organizations as wide ranging as Cable & Wireless, Cisco, and Intuit. In addition to leading the technical team at Monetize360, Murali educates the market on the value of turnkey automation solutions.

Since starting his career in the late 90s at organizations such as LoudCloud and LeapQ, Murali has been looking for a better, more efficient, more automated way to deliver bottom line improvements via next-gen billing systems. Early on Murali understood that the accuracy and precision of usage-or consumption- based models could not be overvalued. 

Murali quickly became a sought after technical resource by some of the world’s biggest brands. Just as the shift from on-prem to cloud was beginning to take hold, Murali was recruited by Intuit to identify and deploy a global billing platform that could serve their more than 4M subscribers. Murali designed and delivered a custom-built global billing platform for Intuit with nearly a dozen integrations and 1M monthly invoices, which is still in use today. He was subsequently recruited by Cisco to help the organization make the transition from on-prem to subscription, where he was responsible for designing a master application.

He holds three patents in adaptive comment categorization technology.

Murali Saravu
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