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All Usage-Based Billing Systems Are Not Created Equal.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

The MTZ360 Monetization Cloud Is Built for Monetization Leaders.

Monetize360’s no-code “drag and drop” platform can be easily configured to handle any billing scenario

March 1, 2022 – Monetize360, the financial technology company bringing best-in-class, no-code monetization solutions to market, today announced MTZ360 Monetization Cloud. The company’s flagship product is purpose-built for usage-based billing, offering a no-code “drag & drop” platform that gives customers a nearly endless number of pricing scenarios, all while delivering one of the fastest time-to-market in the industry.

The market is shifting to usage-based

Billing and monetization are increasingly recognized as valuable functions within the enterprise. Forrester Senior Analyst, Lily Varon, authored a January 2022 report entitled, “Empowered Buying Requires Powerful Billing Technology" in which she wrote, “Firms need the ultimate flexibility to simply configure and reconfigure the monetization strategies and accurately map to and manage their increasingly diverse and dynamic revenue supply chain — including its customers, partners, products, channels, and business models.”

MTZ360 Monetization Cloud is particularly well-suited for financial services, insurance, healthcare and SaaS companies or any company offering digital products or services where consumption or usage-based billing models are being deployed.

“CFOs and finance teams are expanding their tech stack to become more adaptive and resilient. At the same time, product teams are looking to better monetize their products and services. As such, some estimates suggest that 40% of companies are already, or plan to, experiment with usage-based billing this year. Don’t let your pricing and business strategy be limited by your current billing system. In the usage-based billing world, our end-to-end MTZ360 Monetization Cloud stands far above the rest,” said Jayaram Bhat, CEO of Monetize360.

The value MTZ360 Monetization Cloud delivers

With MTZ360 Monetization Cloud, customers can automate their financial processes and quickly monetize their products and services, via simple drag-and-drop interfaces. No custom development, no costly time delays. If a legacy system is in place, or a company is migrating from simple subscription pricing models to more effective usage or consumption-based models, Monetize360’s MTZ360 Monetization Cloud seamlessly integrates with virtually any existing billing infrastructure.

The machine learning-based price modeling and simulation engine forecasts any potential pricing scenario, which improves outcomes for sales teams and benefits the bottom line. The ability to customize pricing all the way to the individual deal offers customers a significant competitive advantage when compared to organizations that are locked into system-wide models.

Retrofitting legacy systems delivers subpar outcomes

Older or legacy billing solutions require a lot of customization to deliver usage-based billing and even then the solutions are clunky and require significant know-how and extensive developer time. This makes the projects very expensive in terms of both time-to-market and actual costs. Total estimates are 4-6 times the cost of the software itself, with project timelines stretching into years to deliver, and next to no agility.

“While other companies are trying to force-fit usage-based billing capabilities onto their legacy systems, MTZ360 Monetization Cloud is a future-forward product. Today, we are supporting world-class finance and product teams. And, our underlying infrastructure is designed with future generations of billing needs (IaaS, PaaS, IoT, Web3, etc.) in mind,” Bhat added.

Key Benefits of MTZ360 Monetization Cloud:

  • Quickly model and monetize your products and services – in even the most complex scenarios - with drag and drop simplicity.

  • Simply implement complex pricing schemes, including:

  • Flat rate, minimum + overage, volume, pick-a-tier and fill-a-tier, pooling and credits, threshold for price changes, rollover of credits/ license fees, Time-based price variability, surcharges for excess usage, hybrid/complex scenarios of several price strategies, multi-payer & payee marketplaces, discounts and promotions.

  • Deploy new products and update existing ones in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months.

  • Quickly capture and address sources of revenue leakage.

  • Seamlessly integrate your production systems with your billing platform in no time and without the need for custom development or outside consulting resources.

Key features of MTZ360 Monetization Cloud

Intelligence Hub: The center of Monetize360’s no-code approach to monetization, the Intelligence Hub streamlines deployment of even the most complex pricing and billing scenarios, without the need for development time or expense.

  • Transform virtually any data into billable usage or consumption data via a dynamic, rules-driven mediation and rating engine.

  • Ingest structured and unstructured (multi-metric and multi-dimension) data from a variety of sources.

  • Identify, transform, cleanse and extract data for billing purposes (mediation) and determine how much those actions are worth (rating) via machine learning.

Pricing Studio:

  • Easily test, model & deploy pricing models and catalogs, using the multiple metrics and dimensions necessary to support complex business services via Service Designer.

  • Create and submit specific deals & transactions using the models created in Service Designer, complete with end-to-end pricing, discounts and approval controls via the Deal Manager.

Billing Studio:

  • Handle millions of monthly unique bills, including multi-payer network or marketplace billing needs via Billing Center, which is designed for complex enterprise scale billing environments.

  • Handle single bills to an end-user, which may have complex payouts to multiple partners or subsidiaries via Payout Center, which was purpose-built for network billing environments such as financial services, healthcare, insurance and marketplaces.


  • Easily ingest statements and documents in order to understand actual bank fees and charges, regardless of how many, and see whether banks are accurately charging negotiated fees, showing gaps and opportunities via Billing Analytics.

  • Configure dashboards by roles or users to display the most important performance, as well as the ability to forecast future transaction volumes and revenues of variable usage-based transactions based on rolling historical values and projected growth rates.

About Monetize360: We're proud to be the financial technology company bringing the best-in-class, no-code monetization solutions to market. Our customers automate routine financial processes and quickly monetize their products and services, in even the most complex scenarios. No pricey custom development, no arduous onboarding required.

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