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Turncare Partners with Monetize360 to Scale its Patient Management Solution

TurnCare partners with Monetize360 to effectively scale its Patient Management Solution, driving revenue and increasing customer satisfaction

Monetize360’s ability to ingest, rationalize, and analyze millions of IoT data points sets new standard for flexibility, accuracy, and depth

TurnCare has selected Monetize360, a leading Agile Monetization company, to drive, support, and enable utilization-driven billing data capture for their first-of-its-kind Intelligent Support Surface Patient Management Solution. The company chose Monetize360 because of its singular ability to handle the challenges of complex, usage-based billing models at scale without requiring intensive engineering resources.

TurnCare is a Patient Management company that helps hospital patients a) avoid adverse events like Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries, b) mobilize more quickly, and c) experience greater comfort, all without putting more work effort on Nursing staff and leaders. The company’s Guardian System uses patented VasoTactic technology to prevent the compression of blood vessels in the sacral region, avoiding the degradation of blood flow in low mobility / high acuity patients. Hospitals only pay for TurnCare when they use it for specific patients. This relationship-level, patient-specific, usage-based billing is vital for today's hospitals that want control over spending.

Historically this level of granularity has been incredibly complicated to deliver, as each health system usually has different usage models and associated rates. As a result, traditionally Health-Tech solution providers are forced to create their own systems from scratch with a dedicated development team, compromise on timeliness or accuracy, or be less flexible in shaping billing to customers' wants. Monetize 360 enables TurnCare to realize the benefits without custom-developing a software application.

With more than a dozen hospitals and health systems and over 50,000 patients managed, Monetize360’s powerful backend platform ingests usage events and rates them based on nearly limitless criteria, enabling TurnCare to identify the precise usage per day, per device, per agreed-upon cost structures. With an intuitive front end, almost anyone within TurnCare can analyze revenue in moments instead of days to weeks.

“We evaluated several market options, but as soon as we saw Monetize360's platform, we were blown away. Monetize360 gave us the accuracy and customization we wanted – and needed – to offer our healthcare system customers. With Monetize 360, we can make necessary changes quickly, which gives us flexibility as we deploy new products and services and evolve our billing models as we grow. Since deploying Monetize360, we’ve seen a significant uptick in revenue and increased customer satisfaction. Monetize 360's support has been first-rate: delivering excellent quality and fast turnaround. The entire experience has been a win-win for us and our customers,” said Kim Orumchian, CEO, cofounder, TurnCare.

The MTZ360 Monetization Cloud offers a 360-degree view of customer contract, usage, and billing data, a high degree of accuracy, and nearly limitless dimensions, allowing for fast configuration without significant effort,” said Jayaram Bhat, CEO of Monetize360, said, “TurnCare is a best-in-class Healthtech company. They set a high bar from the integrity they bring to customers and patient relationships to the precision of their business operations and innovation of their product and vision. We were thrilled to be their partner of choice as they elevated their monetization models.”

About Monetize360

Monetize360 is on a mission to eliminate the cost and complexities associated with implementing and managing complex revenue models. Our first-of-its-kind Agile Monetization platform was purpose-built to enable forward-thinking CFOs, Product, Revenue, and Business owners to quickly and easily adapt their revenue strategy without needing expensive development or consulting resources. Monetize360's no-code platform has an innovative Intelligence HUB at its core that mediates and rates data from virtually any source, enabling complex relationships and business rules to be created, modified, and deployed in as little as a few hours. The result is greater business agility, faster time-to-market, increased top-line revenue and NRR, and reduced churn.

About TurnCare

Turncare is dedicated to transforming patient care through better Patient Management. Using patented VasoTactic technology that prevents the compression of the sacral region vasculature, TurnCare provides a hardware enabled patient management service that helps hospitals manage their complex high-acuity patients. TurnCare’s mission is to reduce adverse event rates, increase early mobility, and enable care plan flexibility without creating more work for nursing.

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