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Webinar: "The 13 Deadly Sins of Agile Monetization"

Updated: May 23, 2023

In my role as CMO here at Monetize360 I get to spend a lot of time talking with finance, product and revenue leaders across the B2B spectrum. Changing market conditions have these leaders looking for new ways to drive and retain revenue for their products and services. And while all of these leaders acknowledge that their current monetization strategy is likely in need of an update, few know where to begin. Common questions I hear include: How can I evaluate the sustainability of my current monetization strategy? What are the pitfalls I haven’t thought of related to moving to an alternative model? How can I build team alignment around a new strategy? What are other companies doing/thinking/saying, etc.?

Few know more about this topic than the team at MGI Research.

Join me and MGI Research Managing Director Igor Stenmark on Thursday, May 18th at 1:00pm ET for a deep dive into his recent research note “The 13 Deadly Sins of Agile Monetization”.

Listen & get a copy of the MGI Research Note HERE

In this session you’ll learn:

1. What Agile Monetization is, and why it is so important

2. The key symptoms of a deficient monetization capability

3. Indicators that your monetization strategy needs to be reevaluated, updated, or replaced all together

4. Next steps you can take to put your monetization strategy on the right path

Listen & get a copy of the MGI Research Note HERE

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