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Webinar: "Yes, you should move to a Usage-Based model - Here's how to do it right."

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Today CFOs and finance teams need their tech stack to be more adaptive and resilient and product teams need to better monetize their products and services. Usage-based monetization has been credited with addressing both of these challenges. Moreover, evidence shows UBM helps to plug revenue leakage, improve NRR and drive better customer relationships, among other benefits. It is no wonder that interest in usage-based billing has reached an all-time high.

Learn more about the keys to success from one of the foremost experts in designing and delivering usage-based models – Monetize360 CTO Murali Saravu.

To listen to the webinar recording and download its associated white paper, click here.

Murali previously drove the benefit/cost analysis on modern and usage-based billing for some of the biggest technology brands in the world, transforming those insights into high performing usage-based architectures. Specifically, he designed and delivered a custom-built global billing platform for Intuit, which is still in use today. Following that, he was recruited by Cisco to help them make the transition from on-prem to subscription, where he was responsible for designing a master application that could orchestrate data from 12 disparate platforms with 20M usage-transactions per day and 10B RUM.

With his deep market experience and insights, Murali is uniquely positioned to discuss the opportunities presented by usage-based billing models, provide guidance into the type of questions companies should ask themselves before making the move, and offer tips on what to look for in potential partners.

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