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Geoff Galat

Chief Marketing Officer

Geoff Galat is CMO at Monetize360, where he is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including thought leadership, go-to-market, and strategic initiatives. Geoff has spent his career in leadership marketing roles at companies such as Mercury Interactive, Luminate, Tumbleweed, and for 12 years he served as Chief Marketing Officer of Tealeaf (acquired in 2012 by IBM), where he led the creation of a new strategic market category – digital customer experience management, focused on strategically enhancing the way consumers interact online, using advanced analytics, as the company grew from zero to more than $130M in revenues.

After Tealeaf’s transition into IBM, Geoff was a leading executive on the team that created the Experience One offering signalling IBM’s entry into both the Marketing Technology category which included the acquisitions of Tealeaf, Silverpop and others, and entry into SaaS as a delivery model. Geoff was a key member of IBM’s Silverpop acquisition team and later served as CMO of Silverpop as it transitioned into IBM. In addition, Geoff led the creation of IBM’s enterprise-wide Customer Analytics strategy, working across 4 divisions.

Geoff joined AGT International as CMO, and was instrumental in developing another new category, Internet-of-Things (IoT) Analytics, focused on collecting data from IoT sensors & devices and creating meaningful insights and actions for both Industry 4.0 applications & the emerging category of personalized entertainment & media experiences. Geoff most recently served as CMO of Clicktale, where he was a key member of the leadership team that transformed the company from a small SMB & mid-market centric products company into a leading enterprise Experience Analytics company, with hundreds of worldwide customers. With more than 30+ years of marketing leadership experience, Geoff’s proven track record of leading organizations on the front edge of emerging markets will help him to carve out a leadership role for Monetize360 in the nascent usage-based monetization category.

He and his wife currently split time between homes in the Atlanta area and on the Florida panhandle. He is an avid cyclist and enjoys photography, professional & college sports and spending time with his family, especially his 2 grandchildren.

Geoff Galat
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