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Webinar: "Making the Shift to a Usage-Based Model is Easier Than You Think"

Consumption-based models are quickly becoming the monetization strategy of choice for the unique ability to drive organizational agility and revenue growth. But while the benefits of a consumption-based strategy are clear, the path to get there can be less so…not to mention daunting.

The good news is, making the shift doesn’t have to be scary or require a total rip and replace – in fact, it can actually be a relatively painless process. A pre-paid drawdown model is one of the easiest, and most customer forward ways to implement a consumption-based strategy. It additionally eliminates some of the costly challenges inherent in subscription models – including SKU explosion and revenue leakage.

Join Monetize360’s CMO Geoff Galat, and CTO Murali Saravu on July 19th at 1:00 EDT to learn how you can begin painlessly moving down the consumption-based path – no system reconfiguration or replacement required, no major disruption for your customers or your company.

Listen to the recording HERE

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