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Revenue Management

At Monetize360, we understand the unique challenges that bankers face in today's fast-paced financial landscape. Our mission is to help you break through the barriers that limit your ability to comprehend client trends, behaviors, and effectively manage relationships with correspondent banking partners.

In the modern banking world, systems generate vast amounts of data, each byte brimming with the potential to provide meaningful, actionable insights that can drive your business forward. The challenge, however, lies in accessing and utilizing this wealth of information. Far too often, this valuable client behavior and trend data remains untapped, leading to missed opportunities for revenue growth.

That's where Monetize360 steps in. Our end-to-end revenue management platform is not just another solution; it's an intelligent response to these challenges. We've designed our platform from the ground up with a specific focus on improving results for bankers, product managers, and network management teams.


Our platform enables you to access and harness the data you generate, transforming it into a powerful tool for growth and profitability.


Comprehend Client Behavior

Gain deeper insights into client trends and behaviors at the granular level, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Optimize Correspondent Banking

Streamline your relationships with correspondent banking partners, making your network management more efficient and fruitful.

At Monetize360, we recognize the complexities of modern banking relationships and the importance of ensuring accurate billing and transparent financial dealings with your correspondent banks. That's why we've developed our Bank Relationship Management (BRM) product, powered by Billing Analytics, to simplify your banking interactions.

Our BRM product is designed to provide clarity and efficiency in your financial operations, offering a range of essential features

Reconciliation and Correct Charging

BRM reconciles your nostro ledger transactions against your correspondent banks' bills or invoices, ensuring that transactions are accurately charged, and no additional fees are levied on payments with fees deducted from the principal. Our Billing Analytics can seamlessly handle banks' bills in various formats, including PDF, EDI, CAMT, and Excel.


Risk-Controlled Data Repository

BRM serves as a comprehensive data repository, storing historical and present billing data for each banking partner. It demystifies cash balances and fee-based products, providing transparency into the intricate world of bank charges. This transparency equips you with valuable data to support credit facility negotiations and overall banking relationship management.

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Bank Fee Analytics

Gain enhanced insights into service fees paid, and ECR on balances (where applicable) to identify and realize cost-saving opportunities. BRM provides a standardized billing code table for easy price comparisons, analyzes pricing across correspondent banks, identifies unused excess deposit account balances, and conducts balance and product volume trend analysis.


Price Book (Fee Schedule) Analysis

BRM offers reconciliation of fee pricing to agreed price books, providing pricing recommendations to support the renegotiation of price books.

Bank Fee Forecasting

Utilize AI/ML models for fee forecasting and variance analysis. This feature factors in seasonality, historical data, and other forecast data like cash forecasting, offering visibility into expected bank fees in future months and quarters.


Account Inventory

BRM provides an organized bank account inventory by legal entity within the country and region. It simplifies account management by categorizing account types, purposes, and authorized users, along with bank contact information.

Documentation Workflow

Automate tracking and managing pricing agreements and KYC documents, saving time and resources, ensuring compliance, and keeping documents up-to-date. Our application sends notifications and alerts when documents are close to expiring.


BRM leverages custom dashboards and reports, offering summaries of payments, fees, and deductions by your clients and correspondent banks. Our solution includes a 'balance of trade' view between your nostro bank and correspondent bank clients, enabling data mining of various fields from SWIFT messages to better understand client behavior. You can also develop custom notifications and alerts within the Intelligence Hub to identify changes within the SWIFT field.

Monetize360's BRM is your comprehensive solution for transparent, efficient, and cost-effective banking relationship management. We're here to simplify your banking operations and equip you with valuable insights to navigate the dynamic world of financial transactions. Join us on this journey towards optimized banking relationships.

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