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The shift to
Usage-Based Models is now

Monetization Cloud is designed for this moment, to remove the cost and complexity associated with implementing usage-based models and enable business growth and agility now and into the future.

Monetize360 marks a bold step forward for an industry that has become static.  Customers continue to drive massive shifts in the way that companies do business. Native digital users are now in the majority, and they are rapidly driving multiple disruptions of traditional models. Simple subscriptions are no longer enough.  With 40% of SaaS companies actively making, or planning to make, the move to usage-based models in the next 12-24 months the shift has been embraced, but until now usage-based billing has been too complex and too expensive for most companies to effectively deploy at enterprise-scale.  


Our platform was intelligently designed from the ground up to specifically support usage-based and multi-payer billing scenarios

Our founder spent more than 20 years building and architecting monetization solutions for some of the largest companies in the world, including Cisco and Intuit. 


He is one of the most knowledgeable resources in the world on the topic, with a deep understanding of the challenges that these new models present for legacy billing systems and what problems need to be solved to make the implementation of usage-based billing easy and effective.


He used that expertise to design a new, no-code, approach to usage-based billing management.   


Learn more about our founder Murali Saravu and his vision for Monetize360

Updating legacy billing systems to support usage-based billing is expensive and time & resource consuming

There is one common denominator with all legacy billing systems - including those designed for simple subscription models – the amount of customization required to support usage-based billing is enormous, taking months if not years to complete. 


Our customers often tell us that more than 50% of the time for these projects goes to customization.  That’s a potentially huge hit to your bottom line, both from a project cost and time to market perspective. 


Our platform was purpose-built to address the complexities inherent in billing, pricing and monetization platforms, without expensive or time-consuming customization.   


Your sales and finance teams want and need more flexibility in pricing deals 

Our machine learning-based price modeling and simulation engine forecasts any potential pricing scenario, improving outcomes for your sales team and improving the bottom line.


The ability to customize pricing all the way to the individual deal gives your sales team a significant competitive advantage when compared to competitors that are locked into system-wide models.


With Monetize360 sales can deliver every deal with the right terms, at the right time, without any additional stress for the finance team.  

To stay competitive, you need to be able to get new products and pricing to market quickly  

In today’s competitive market, having to wait months or years to launch new products to market, because of your billing system, is a non-starter. 


To keep up with the increasing pace of new business models ranging from usage-based pricing and billing to Web3, IoT and even cryptocurrencies. 


Speed and agility are the name of the game and that’s exactly what the Monetize360 platform was designed for. 


Our solution centers around a no-code monetization hub that can be configured to support complex and hybrid pricing models without custom development or intensive onboarding.


With Monetize360 you can launch new products and pricing to market in hours or days, instead of months or years.   


Your sales, finance and product teams need to be better aligned 

Sales, finance and product teams don’t always have the same priorities – product wants to deliver products that increase revenue, sales wants to close deals, finance wants to simplify billing, revenue modeling and recognition - giving them a platform that facilitates alignment around a common set of priorities is key to business success. 


Monetize360 makes it easier and faster to foster collaboration between the finance, sales and product teams, all of which are invested in executing the best possible monetization and pricing strategies to drive business results. 


Our end-to-end monetization platform allows them to accomplish their desired goals simultaneously and without the need for any additional development or consulting resources. 

Not ready to replace your existing billing system, but interested in testing usage-based? We’ve got that covered too 

Monetize360 can be deployed as a full-suite product, OR it can be layered on top of existing or legacy billing platforms to rapidly implement innovative hybrid pricing strategies – without the need for advanced configuration.


Moreover, Monetize360 includes integrations with mobile apps, tax and payment gateways, ERP and CRM systems.   


Achieve faster incremental revenue growth, improved time to market and better business agility. 

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